Neighbourhood Plan





The Tredington Parish Neighbourhood Plan, continuing the story so far…….

During the last few weeks we have contacted community groups: village halls, churches, sports clubs, the school, etc to learn about their hopes and aspirations, and the challenges they face. This has been a helpful and rewarding task.

In particular a meeting with the Head Teacher of Newbold and Tredington Primary School raised several issues and concerns. A primary task of the Steering Committee will be to try and find solutions.

Also during recent weeks our photographer has been busy in the villages.

Our Planning Consultant, Neil Pearce (Avon Planning Servcies Ltd.), attended our Steering Committee meeting on 10th October.

The group has decided on the main headings and sub-headings of the plan based on the residents’ and Business questionnaire results.

Renewable energy: domestic scale projects are mostly permissible.

Disability access: current building regulations require new homes to have disabled friendly access, such as no steps to entrance

National Planning Policy Framework. This came into force in July. Amongst many things it has  changed the definition of affordable housing. Two new definitions are now included as follows:

     1) Starter Homes; and

     2) Discounted Market Homes  that are sold at a 20% discount to current market price.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council policy requires 35% of housing on sites  comprising 11 or more new homes to be ‘affordable’. This means that a discount of 20% to the market price might be applied. This 20% discount is also applied every time the house is sold.

Community Infrastructure Levy, ‘CIL’. The group will compile a list of projects where CIL money can be used to benefit the community. For example the school, church etc. This is called a Regulation 123 List. The list must be published. The amount of CIL money the developer has to pay is based on thesize of housing. The CIL rules state that the Parish Council receives 25% of all CIL money received, but only if a Neighbourhood Plan is in place, at present Tredington Parish Council would receive 15%.


Next steps

Stratford-on-Avon District Council has proposed Built Up Area Boundaries around Tredington and Newbold outside of which development would be severely restricted. Newbold has seen significant development but the Steering Committee is still required to consider possible future housing needs in the parish within, or adjacent to, its villages.

The District Council must be able to demonstrate a continious 5 year housing land supply. Looking at potential sites presents an opportunity to encourage our community to have a say in how the villages can and should develop. We are mindful of the fact that new developments can provide considerable vital infrastructure for the community, village hall, parking, traffic calming and many other things that emerged from the residents’ and business questionnaires.

Armscote, Darlingscott and Blackwell currently have no proposed Built Up Area Boundaries. Your Steering Committee will consider whether there is merit and strength in adding these. These boundaries would allow the principle of limited infill housing subject to strict conditions.

The group will look at designating sites for affordable housing and/or homes for local people.

Designating greenspaces: these must be demonstrably ‘special’ and locally important to the community.

As well as public meetings, we will be holding ‘meetings in public’ approximately every 2 months with publication of agenda 10 days before. In the interim we will continue to keep the website: up to date and communicate regularly through newsletters.

Armscote Village, Warwickshire • Blackwell Village, Warwickshire

Darlingscott Village, Warwickshire • Newbold on Stour, Warwickshire

Tredington Village, Warwickshire •