Parish Council meetings usually take place at 7.30pm on the First Monday of each month, except in August  when we have a summer break.

Members of the public and the press are invited to attend. Please be aware that meetings may be filmed, recorded and/or reported upon. If members of the public attend the meeting but do not wish to be filmed, photographed or recorded, they should let the Clerk know before the start of the meeting.

If members of the public wish to address the Council on a relevant matter, a three minute slot will be allocated during the public participation session which is usually held near the begining of each ordinary meeting. Please contact the parish clerk to book your slot. Please note that Councillors may not vote on matters which are not listed on the agenda, so if you wish to raise a matter which may require a decision by Members, please ensure you contact the clerk at least one week before the meeting and detail the issue that is to be discussed. The parish counci may not be able to answer questions posed during the meeting, in which case please provide your contact details to the clerk if you wish to be provided with a written response.

Minutes and agendas are published on the website. If you can't find the minutes or agenda you are looking for please email the clerk:

There is curently a technical issue preventing previous agendas and minutes from being displayed on the website please email the clerk for any you wish to see

If you wish to receive an agenda ahead of the next meeting please contact the clerk by email and ask to be added to the agenda circulation list.

Our next meeting planned is an Ordinary Meeting in December 2021.

6th December 2021

Blackwell Village Hall